Promoting Your Amazon Affiliate Products On Social Media

social media marketingSocial media is THE way to get traffic these days. The traffic is easier to get than Google traffic, and its often a lot more effective in terms of getting the traffic to take action.

Before you decide you don’t want to use social media, just read through the whole post and see what you think. It’s really quite easy to use, and no, you don’t have to spend all day talking to people. Social media really doesn’t work that way.

Look, I’ve heard it all before:

“I hate social media with a passion!”

“I’m not a social person.”

“I tried social media and it didn’t work.”

If you think you hate social media, or you think you have to be a social butterfly to use it, you’re wrong. And if you think social media doesn’t work, you’re definitely wrong, because social traffic is some of the easiest, highest quality traffic the internet has ever seen!

Most people seem to think you have to chat all day to be effective on social media, but that’s not true.

It’s just like any other promotional method. Once you share a post, you really don’t have to interact with anyone if you don’t want to. People may comment on your posts, but you aren’t obligated to respond.

Let’s take a look at one social media site so you can get an idea of how easy it is to use.


If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s like a virtual cork board, basically. You create different “boards” and then “pin” content to those boards.

There’s a system in place to let people comment on content and be “social”, but most people don’t really use it much. More likely, users just “re-pin” content, meaning they pin other people’s content to their own boards, which is a great thing. They may also just “like” the content.

Pinterest is a beautiful thing, because all you have to do is create different boards and “pin” your own content and other people’s content to those boards, and as other people see it, they will “re-pin” it to their boards, letting their own followers see it.

The biggest “secret” to using Pinterest is simply making sure each article you write on your site has a fantastic image to represent it on Pinterest.

Ideally, the image should be taller than it is wide, because Pinterest gives more real estate to taller images, thus making it more likely your content will be seen.

Facebook is the behemoth of social media:


Once you build a fan page in your site’s niche, you can spend a little money on Facebook ads to grow the page’s fan base. Once you get a decent number of fans, the page will begin to grow organically.

Using a great image on each article will also benefit you on Facebook, because it’s will show up when you share your content on Facebook. A great image will make it more likely that people will visit your site when they see the post on Facebook, and that they will like, comment, and share, which will get your content seen by more people.

Instagram is another very useful social site:


Instagram is a content sharing site. You post an image or video using hash tags (like keywords, but proceeded with a hash tag symbol, like this: #keyword).

Other people will find your content by either searching for that particular hash tag, or they’ll see it because they have followed you on the site.

Again, you don’t have to be social. Just share your content, and you’re done.

You can’t provide direct links on Instagram, but you can post the URL of your site in the description of anything you post, and you can have a link to your site in your profile, too.

Hopefully you see the power of social media, and that it really doesn’t require you to be social. It’s just sharing content. That’s it!

Alright, next is our last post on this topic. It’s all about ways to make money, including the best ways to promote Amazon products, and how you can make income in addition to your Amazon links. Tomorrow is all about the money, so don’t miss it!

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