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Writing Outline For Speed

writing outlineLots of people believe they write better without the “restriction” of an outline, but odds are at least 90% that you will be better off with a writing outline.

Outlines don’t have to be extremely detailed or restrictive. If you work better being more creative during the actual writing process, that’s fine. But having a basic writing outline will help keep you on track, whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction. It helps you remember key points for your project, and it helps you organize your information before you get started so you’re not stuck in the middle wondering what to write next.

Some people seem to think a writing outline has to be some super complex thing with bullet points and tiers and all that. Not so. It could be, and often is, just a simple list of important points to make, and the order in which they should be made.

Whether you’re writing something as complex as a full-length novel or something as simple as a short email to your mailing list, an outline will help you stay on track and make sure you’re including everything you need to include.

If nothing else, you could write down a brief list of the topics you want in your project. For example, when I created this course, I simply started by writing down the seven topics I wanted to cover. That was my series outline.

Then for each email, I just write down 3-5 pieces of information I wanted to be sure to include in each one so that I didn’t forget the most important points as I wrote.

Pretty simple, huh?

And trust me, it makes a huge difference in your writing speed!

If you DO work better with a writing outline, you can get as detailed as you want. I’ve seen people write a 10,000-word outline for a 100,000-word book. And that works for them.

Other people write a 200 word synopsis for the same length of book, and use that as their entire outline. And it works for them.

You may need something in between. Just fine what works for you and create an outline that works for your project.

Whatever you do, create that outline. It will save you a ton of time in the long run!

Tomorrow’s will be all about drafting and editing, so you definitely want to watch for it. We are going to talk about creating rough drafts, and the importance of doing your editing at the right time, so don’t miss it!

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