Creating Interesting Snapchat Stories

snapchat marketing ideasSnaps are great, but let’s face it. They only last a maximum of ten seconds, and then they’re gone and the user can’t see them anymore unless they happened to take a screenshot.

STORIES are where it’s at on Snapchat, because they can be viewed for 24 hours, and they can be viewed multiple times during that period by the same user.

Stories are great for a lot of uses, such as:

* Product demonstrations
* Behind-the-scenes content
* Events
* Contests
* Tutorials and lessons

Stories are collections of Snaps. Each individuals Snap can still be a maximum of 10 seconds, but you can include as many Snaps as you want in a single Story.

Let’s say you want to teach someone how to make a chocolate cake from scratch. You can’t do that in 10 seconds. But you could do it in a Story by creating a 10-second video of each individual step and putting them all together in a Story.

Before you create a Story, go into your settings and make sure Stories are set to be viewable to everyone, because anyone can view a Story, not just friends! (Snaps are sent only to your friends, but Stories are attached to your account for 24 hours, during which time any Snapchat user can see them!)

Creating effective Stories is all about creating interesting content that follows a very specific theme. For example, if you’re attending a convention in your niche, you can take pictures and videos of interesting things you find at that convention and put them together in a Story.

Or if you create a new product, you could have a collection of different people trying that product and giving their reactions.

These are just a few examples of the type of content that makes great stories. You can take a look at the stories created by some of the major Snapchat users to get ideas.

Try following major brands like Taco Bell and McDonald’s to get an idea of the type of content they are creating!

Tomorrow is our final lesson on Snapchat, so don’t miss it!

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