Choosing A Niche For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Choosing Amazon Niche Products

Amazon Affiliate MarketingIn the old days of Amazon affiliate marketing, one typically chose a very small niche, such as French press coffee makers, or even a very specific brand or model. They bought a domain name that contained an important keyword phrase, put up a small website with 5-10 articles, got some back links, and then just waited for Google to do its thing. A few weeks, or maybe months in some cases, later… money!

It’s unfortunate that it no longer works this way, but some unethical marketers just put up spun PLR that made no sense to visitors and ruined Google’s user experience, and Google had no choice but to react to save the integrity of their search engine.

The result is a much better user experience, but a much harder time ranking.

Choosing a niche these days is much different. These days, it isn’t about getting quick traffic to send straight off to affiliate links. It just doesn’t work that way, anymore.

Now it’s important to choose a broader niche, with wide appeal, so you can use social media to get traffic while you wait for Google to start sending you traffic. And it takes a lot longer to rank well in Google than it used to.

Let’s look at the example of French press coffee makers. This used to be a niche you might choose for a micro niche site. You might have even focused on one particular brand or type of French press. But these days, that niche is just too narrow.

Instead, you’d focus on the broader niche of coffee, or maybe even on cooking and food in general. This gives you a much larger base of potential articles, and will get you a lot more traffic overall.

Remember how we mentioned you’d save money? Well, if you had 500 domain names back in the old days, it would have cost you about $5,000 per year in domain renewals at $10 each. (More if you used one of the more expensive registrars!) Now? Just 1-5 domain names is plenty! You can focus on just 1-5 broad niches and make as much money as you could with 500 of those micro niche sites, perhaps more!

But niche selection is vital. You want to choose something that follows the following formula:

1. The niche must be big enough to have plenty of affiliate products to promote and plenty of traffic to go around.

2. The products must sell for enough money to make it worth your while to promote them. At least $10 per product, but not so expensive that it will be a hard sell.

3. It must be something that people would be likely to like and share on social media. (Most niches fit this just fine, but there may be occasional niches that just don’t get that much social activity.)

If you’re in doubt about how much social media interest there is in a particular niche, just search Pinterest for some keywords in that niche and see how many re-pins each post is getting, on average. 1-10 is not very good. 11-20 is decent. Anything over 100 is a pretty good indication there’s interest on social media.

As for competition? You no longer have to worry much about it, because you won’t be getting much of your traffic from Google. Most of it, at least at first, will come from social media. And competition doesn’t really matter much on social media, because there’s so many users to go around and they consume a lot of content each.

Once you’ve chosen a niche (or a few niches), it’s time to choose a few products to promote. In tomorrow’s post, we are going to look at the criteria to look for when deciding on a product to promote. Choosing the right products can make or break your campaigns, so don’t miss tomorrow’s post!

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