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Can You Risk Diversions from Online Success?

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Are you aware of the schemes designed by online predators to prey on unsuspecting biz-op-seekers? More and more people are buying into these schemes due to the sagging global economy and being motivated by claims of getting rich. These people are inspired by promises from the next best product to fill their bank accounts with money that never comes.

Here’s one at work; you receive an email that compels you to watch a web site video presentation that shows persuasive evidence of income produced by using their secret product. The product order button doesn’t show up on the screen until after a specified period of time, usually about five or ten minutes.

Then you order a $47 product that they say will return your investment in a short time. “It will only take as much time as it takes to learn the system.” Then you’re on your way to making your money back and then some…

So you click the order button and then get a sinking feeling when you see “Wait!” the next up-sell for even more money. Now you’re in the up-sell black hole of related support products. The product you just bought is nothing without the two legs that make the original product walk on water. So you order this support product only to find another up-sell added on top of the two you just bought.

If you’re lucky you get away with spending less than $500. Yes, you also bought the one-on-one, step-by-step coaching program that makes you feel safe with the investment you just made. How can you fail with someone holding your hand showing you how to make thousands of dollars a month?

Well, in the real world, you won’t make thousands a month and you never will unless you learn how… to avoid these schemes design to take your money.

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Inspirational Discoveries for Living lV

[caption id="attachment_101" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Inspiration for Better Living"]Inspiration for Better Living[/caption] Now let’s take a look at your idea of success, and see what it really means. Does success to you mean lots of money, enough money so you could buy all the things you have to scrimp and save for now? If you think of success in terms of money, think of a miser who spends his life hoarding up his money until he dies. Is that any kind of life for you to live? It may be what your life will be like if the amount of money you earn or have is your only definition of success, and a hollow, empty life it will be too.

Maybe your answer was , “My idea of success is to have all the time I need to do the things I really want to do.” If you think of success in terms of endless leisure think of a bum, he has all the time in the world and what can he do with it? A life of pure leisure in which you never have to do anything for anyone, is just as hollow as the life of a miser, because it’s empty of life’s greatest pleasure. Do you know what life’s greatest pleasure is? It’s a sense of accomplishment, the great and glorious feeling you get when you can step away from something and say, “That’s done: I did it, and it’s done right.”

That feeling of accomplishment is the key to the secret of success, because it tells you what success really is. Success means simply achieving what you want in life. It is just that simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, most people never know what they really want from life. If you ask them, even wise ones will say, “I want to be happy”. But most people think happiness is a state of being; they haven’t learned that it isn’t a state of being it’s really a state of doing. They seem to feel that happiness is something you can be given, like a glass of water when you’re thirsty. They never find out that happiness is like a kiss, it’s in what you do and it must be shared!

As you move forward in Inspirational Discoveries for Living, you will learn that you have within you, right now, this very moment all that is necessary for you to become the successful, happy, contented person you’ve always wanted to be. You have it all, now, and you’ll learn how to unlock the riches that have been buried, unused within you. Life is not a spectator sport, something that happens in front of you without your involvement it’s an experience, a game that has to be played to be enjoyed fully. You must get involved with life. Not only involved with yourself, though that’s where it all begins, but involved with your family, your friends, the people you see every day, everybody. In that involvement, you’ll find you have everything you need to make your life a success.

And finally, a word about improvement; it would be nice if we learned at a steady rate, and could use everything we learn as soon as we learn – but we don’t. learning takes place by fits and starts; you’ll go along on a level for a while, not seeming to make any progress at all, and then, suddenly, what you’ve been working at will make sense, will fall into place, and you’ll have reached a new plateau; then you’ll work along on that level for another while, before a new jump will take you to a still higher plateau. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t seem to be making any progress for a while. Scientists have found that it takes about three weeks, twenty one days for any real change in your body or personality to begin to feel right. That is why you shouldn’t be discouraged about your progress; your mind is busy working for you; let it go about its business.

Here’s the end of you experience with Inspirational Discoveries for Living. You’ve started changing your life; you’ve begun to make things happen for you, instead of letting them happen to you. You’re on your way to changing your life through these Inspirational Discoveries.

Read these series of discoveries over many times to make them part of you in order for them to work in your life. They may seem simple and easy to understand, and they are, but don’t take them for granted, they must be learned and put into practice before you can see the desired results.