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Choosing a Web Hosting Company for the Newbie

web hostingThose who are planning to set up their own web site have probably heard of the term “Web Hosting.” This is the task of making web sites and web pages available to the Internet community. Sometimes, it is also considered as “web space” because web hosting companies technically sell the internet space that you will need to host your site. Basically, web hosting companies own the powerful web servers that store your online documents. They also link their servers to the internet using powerful connections, which is why people can access your website at the same time, no matter where they may be.

If this is your first time with web hosting, here are some tips that can help you choose the right hosting company for your website:

Web Space Amount

Does the web hosting company offer enough space for what you currently plan on posting on your website? If you already have it in your plans to expand your website and its reach in the near future, perhaps you can look at the option of getting extra space. However, most websites actually use less than 5MB of web space despite having over a hundred pages on the site. If you use a lot of images, videos, or even music files, then you should consider getting gigabytes of hosting space.

File Limitations

Some hosting companies have limits on the type and size of files that you can upload. For example, there are hosts which only allow certain file types and restrict others. If you want to have more freedom on what you want to upload, you would have to read your prospect web host’s conditions carefully.


These days, a lot of web hosting companies designate a limit on the amount of traffic your website can get on a daily and monthly basis. Basically, this means that if your website’s pages are loaded beyond the allowable number of site visits, then the host will disable your site. The recommended amount of bandwidth will depend on your site’s content and audience. Generally speaking, 100MB of bandwidth per month may be too little for things other than a personal blog while a 3GB bandwidth is just enough for a simple niche or business website that is only starting out.

SSL (Secure Server)

If you are going to set up a website especially for your business, you need to find a web hosting company that allows you to set up a secure server (SSL). Of course, having this installed would mean that you would have to pay for additional charges. Remember, the SSL is needed if your site plans to collect credit card payments and data. However, if you will be using a payment gateway like PayPal, then having SSL is not going to be as necessary. Basically, a payment gateway is a third party company that collects credit card information and payments for you.

Technical Support

Having a web hosting partner that has a 24/7 technical support is a must because you can’t really know when you’ll be in trouble. You may think that everything is going well but you might need their help on a weekend or on a holiday. Of course, some web hosting companies claim that they have 24/7 support even if it is not really the case. If you want, you can test their responsiveness by contacting them on weekends or at midnight, and see how fast they get back to your query.

Looking for a reliable web hosting company doesn’t have to be difficult, but you also need to know what you need in order to find the right one for you.