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WordPress for Beginners

wordpress for beginnersDo you currently run a small business and want to put up your own website to reach a wider range of audience? Perhaps you are thinking of starting a niche blog. Or maybe you are considering an online portfolio to show your product or service to potential customers. Whatever you need a website for, one of the best options for those who are just starting out is to go with Wordpress.

Why is this platform very popular among beginners and professionals alike? This is because Wordpress is as user-friendly as anyone can find to build a web site. It’s very easy to navigate through the control panel, and you don’t need to know HTML. You can put up your website and manage its contents (yourself) in the most convenient way possible. And best of all Wordpress is absolutely free to use.

If you have just installed Wordpress on your Domain and you need a little help to get around, here are some Wordpress for beginners tips that can help you maximize the use of this platform:

Scheduling Posts

One of the best features of Wordpress is that you can schedule when your post will be published. If you already have a bunch of content piled up for posting, you no longer need to wait for the day of the scheduled post and do it manually. You simply need to click the blue “Edit” button beside “Publish immediately,” and then set the month, date, year, and the time for the post to be published. After, click the “OK” button and you will see that the “Publish” button has been changed to “Schedule.” Simply click the button and your post will automatically be published at the time and date that you set.

Fixing Your Permalinks

Those who have never tried coding before really appreciate the simplicity of Wordpress because it is so easy to change the URLs of posts and pages. As you may know, search engines prefer shorter links with good keywords so make sure your link is short yet concise.

To change the URL of your posts, simply go to the Dashboard and look for it under “Posts,” and then go to the “Permalink” section which is located just below the post’s title. Click the edit button, type in your title keywords to make it search engine-friendly. Also, make sure that you put a dash (-) in between the words.

Embedding Videos

Many users of Wordpress are not aware that it is quite easy to embed videos and other contents from websites such as YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Viddler and Hulu. You simply click the “Add Media” button below the “Permalink,” and then click the “Insert URL” and paste the URL of your desired video there. Inserting from YouTube has become even more convenient, because you can now search for videos via Wordpress and then embed them on your post.

With these features, it is easy to see why people choose to use Wordpress. If you are thinking of putting up your own blog or website, you can visit:

It will help you set up your own Wordpress for Biginners content management system.