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Marketing Trends for 2014 and beyond…

MarketingMarketing, online or offline, continues to evolve.  Some practices become outdated, some practices persist and some emerge.  Every business owner has to keep up with these trends to take advantage of opportunities they can make use of.  The great news is that information about all these trends are easy to find.  Internet marketing trends are often shared among fellow marketers as a way for stimulating discussion and facilitating best practice sharing. 

As 2014 begins, it’s a good idea to check what internet marketing methods are going to take the spotlight in this year.  The basics remain the same in modern marketing.  This includes publicity, sales, market research, advertising, and distribution.  What changes through time and as technology evolves are the ways by which these initiatives are implemented.

In terms of marketing, it is always the aim of marketers to exceed their past performance.  Taking things a notch higher is always recommended.  The internet marketing trends of 2014 aim to do just that. 

1.         Less will be more – exceeding expectations does not mean overloading your audience with  information.  Data bombardment will always be a headache.  The trend will be towards simple and crisp internet marketing content.  Your customers are attracted to content that’s easily digestible and that gives them what they need with very little time and effort.    

2.         Mobile friendly content will be essential – More and more people are relying on their mobile phones and tablets. As the number of people with these devices grows, so does the interest of being able to access the companies they do business with through these devices.  Whether you are a food delivery services company or an accounting services consultant, you want to take advantage of mobile devices and have your own accessible mobile friendly content.  This way, your customers can do business with you anytime, anywhere.

3.         Images are hot – A picture truly paints a thousand words.  You cannot underestimate the power of an image.  Today, sharing relevant photographs is so hot and is projected to become even hotter in the coming years.  You should think about how to come up with images that are relevant to your business and how to share your chosen images with your audience.  Do not bombard them with badly chosen images on the social media websites.  Make sure that you have tasteful images that translate your messages into something that is visually interesting.  You can also have promotions for your customers to upload their own images that relate to your product or service.

In essence, both traditional and online marketing are necessary.  The print media might not exactly be as big as it was decades ago.  Even television and radio are not as popular anymore.  But, there is a place for all these in the marketing world.  These media can, in fact, support each other.  You can have a stronger internet marketing program when it is supported by offline media as well.


Neuro Marketing Online

NeuroMarketingInternet marketing is not as simple as a lot of people promote it to be.  It is a practice that requires a lot of strategy and meticulous attention.  It takes a strong foundation to have a successful marketing program specifically for doing business over the internet.   For many businesses, this is the key to growing their customer base and increasing profits.

In one online discussion about internet marketing, the following pillars were cited:  forming relationships with the audience, proper copywriting, delivering great content, and having something worth selling.  All these pillars should be present to keep the company’s online initiatives going.

This particular discussion effectively demonstrated how they take advantage of internet marketing strategies.  Creatively inserted into their discussion on these pillars are compelling offers for a newsletter subscription that gives even more detail about effective marketing on the internet.  When the readers click on the link to subscribe to the newsletter, they may become a potential customer.

Powerful internet marketing messages have a way of getting into the readers’ minds.  According to Richard Skinulis, a content writer for Reader’s Digest, there is such a thing as neuro-marketing which is a type of marketing that taps into the brain’s psychological activities.  This theory started roughly around 2004 when marketers more aggressively sought information about what goes on in their consumer’s minds.  This paved the way for campaigns that appeal to the consumer’s innermost desires.

The studies that prove this theory involved the exposure of respondent to commercials, products, and marketing materials.  While this is ongoing, an FMRI or a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine scans the brain.  The machine reads the triggers of the emotions felt by the respondents.  If the person becomes really interested in what he is seeing, the images in the FMRI turns a dark scarlet.  This color is believed to represent the part in the brain that is interested in money matters.  The color fades as the person loses interest.  Such information allows marketers to pinpoint exactly where their marketing materials start to lose their audience’s attention.

While normally, marketers go to questionnaires or other forms of audience participation for gathering information, this marketing strategy allows access to the central nervous system, bypassing the conscious thought.

There are still doubts about the accuracy of this type of marketing research, it’s still questionable especially since some other parts of the brain serve as triggers for various types of emotions as well. Undeniably though, it is showing a great deal of success.

Skinulis included a list of examples in his article.  These include stories about the research investment of various companies, from Frito Lays down to Coca Cola versus Pepsi.  Some are already gaining benefits from their research venture.  While Skinulis didn’t include any test results about internet marketing using neuro-marketing, this strategy has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of marketing strategists.

The possibilities are endless in the online world.  You only need to know where you want to go and what you want to achieve.  Establish the pillars of internet marketing and understand the way your audience makes their purchase decisions.  When you do this, you have the best chance of succeeding in your internet marketing initiatives for your business.