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Can you really make money with Google Plus?

Google PlusCompanies are in business to make money. That’s a well-known fact. But these days there are many new and innovative ways to make a profit and one of these is by using social media sites like Google Plus. The ways that this can be done are similar to the way people have been earning money with one of the other social networks – Facebook, which is a rival of Google Plus.

Google Plus is not meant to be used in the same fashion as Twitter or Facebook. It gives members a chance to post longer things, as well as being able to use things like Hangouts to train or announce things via video chat, and Communities and Circles that help to pare down the millions of postings on Google Plus into categories that you subscribe to and therefore don’t have to read all the posts that are not relevant to your situation or desires.

Here are some of the tips on how to make money with Google Plus:

Create an Attractive Profile

To start with, a business needs a well-written and attractive profile on their Google Plus page. This way they can attract lots of followers, which are similar to friends on Facebook. The more followers in your Google Plus circles, the better off you will be in getting traffic to your websites and blogs. You can also make money by posting a link to your products and services that you sell on your website.

Initially, you shouldn’t form your Google Plus account with the idea of only doing it to make money. This may sound strange, but Google Plus is all about making contacts and getting followers, building up your circles, joining communities etc. If you do all of these things correctly, chances are that you will start making money because your brand will get more well-known and you will be seen as an expert in your field.

Make Your Google Plus Account Look Professional

Google Plus is meant to be a more serious sort of social network platform than Facebook or Twitter. While Facebook seems to have more of a younger crowd, Google Plus is mostly populated by older, professional people and businesses. That means your posts need to be written in a professional tone of voice and that your content needs to be relevant to your niche and useful to the readers.

Be sure to not only post content and information onto your Google Plus account; be sure to post the same thing on your other accounts like Facebook or Twitter. This gets you more exposure, which could lead to more traffic and more profits. For instance, you can post on Google Plus the news about a brand new product or service that your business is offering or perhaps a link for a coupon to save money or answer questions about your product or services. These types of things are what customers and potential customers look for and when their needs are met, they become loyal customers who help to earn you money through their purchases and through them recommending your business to their friends.

The main thing to remember is that content is still king, no matter if it is put on a website, blog, Facebook or Google Plus account. You need to be posting daily and putting in things like text, photos and videos that will intrigue and educate your followers and make them want to come back to your account every day to see what your business has to offer. If your business becomes the “go to” place for content in your niche, then it will definitely start earning more profits and therefore more cash.

Use the Google +1 Button

The Google Plus 1 button is similar to the Facebook “like” button. By posting this button on your website or blog you can get people to click on it and this gets you points in Google for ranking purposes. You want to try to collect as many Google + clicks as possible to help your business to grow and thrive. As you do this, you will definitely start to see an increase in your store traffic and therefore in your profits. Be sure to put the Google + 1 button on any other account that you own to help you to get even more clicks.

When your followers press the Google + 1 button, it can end up going viral, just like a “like” can on Facebook. If this happens, it means that many people are either very impressed by your business and what it has been offering in its Google Plus postings, or that your business has a huge problem. Make sure that for your business it is a viral event for a good reason, not a bad one and you are well on your way to making money by using Google Plus.

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Understanding Web Hosting

hostingWeb hosting is usually a service provided to allow people to have a domain or “home” in the worldwide web for their audience to see. Not everyone may need hosting services as there are other ways to have presence online such as social media and forums. But, for those who want an online place exclusively dedicated to their own personal blog or business website, finding a web host is necessary.

Content and information posted in social media are uploaded without difficulty. The users simply have to upload their content and anyone in their network can be exposed to their information. This is used mostly to connect with friends or to promote certain events, products, and services to a particular group or social network. Cloud platforms, on the other hand, allow people to share files with other people.

With web hosting, people can also provide their own content for the purposes of giving information and selling products and services. The difference is that the hosting provides a domain that is dedicated to such purposes for the website owner’s own interests. As compared to having a ready audience in social media, a hosted website requires the owner to attract traffic to his site.

A hosted website can be customized to the owner’s hosting needs and requirements. There is some off-the-rack ready-to-use websites that people who want to have presence on the net could make use of. The owners could simply tweak these website designs to tailor-fit them to their preferences and needs. The website owner generally can choose his own color scheme, his layout, and his desired themes and widgets among others.

There is a wide array of web hosting companies out there. It is important to choose the companies that have the best hosting packages, the most comprehensive features, and the most responsive customer support.

Farooq Baloch from The Express Tribune mentions that according to statistics, 90% of websites usually consume less than three GB of disk space (Internet data transfer).
To put it into perspective, a hosting service that offers that capacity, one can store around 750 songs or 15 hours of video material on their hosting company’s web server. Three GB storage can also mean storing 30,000 text-based web pages or 9,000 multimedia-rich web pages.

Some of the other hosting related factors that may affect a website’s performance includes the scripts used by the hosting server, the data transfer, the webmail access, and the technical support. Sometimes, these hosting considerations cannot be quantified by merely giving out numbers. All this should be combined to result in efficiencies both for the website owner and for the website’s visitors. The kind of hosting package a website owner utilizes affects the overall browsing experience.

Data transfer, as part of the hosting package, would depend on the actual data consumed by website visitors. The amount of bytes required would be high for those that involve a lot of information. This is often adjustable and the website owner can upgrade to more data transfer capabilities in his hosting package.

There’s a lot to keep up-to-date with when it comes to internet hosting technology. The consideration of every website owner should be how they can take advantage of these developments and choose the best company for his hosting needs.

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