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The Pillars of Internet Marketing and the Power of Understanding the Mind

AttractingCustomers2Internet marketing is not as simple as a lot of people promote it to be. It is a practice that requires a lot of strategy and meticulous attention. It takes a strong foundation to have a successful marketing program specifically for doing business over the internet. For many businesses, this is the key to growing their customer base and increasing profits.

In one online discussion about internet marketing, the following pillars were cited: forming relationships with the audience, proper copywriting, delivering great content, and having something worth selling. All these pillars should be present to keep the company’s online initiatives going.

This particular discussion effectively demonstrated how they take advantage of internet marketing strategies. Creatively inserted into their discussion on these pillars are compelling offers for a newsletter subscription that gives even more detail about effective marketing on the internet. When the readers click on the link to subscribe to the newsletter, they succeed in making a sale.

Powerful internet marketing messages have a way of getting into the readers’ minds. According to Richard Skinulis, a content writer for Reader’s Digest, there is such a thing as neuro-marketing which is a type of marketing that taps into the brain’s psychological activities. This theory started roughly around 2004 when marketers more aggressively sought information about what goes on in their consumer’s minds. This paved the way for campaigns that appeal to the consumer’s innermost desires.

The studies that prove this theory involved the exposure of respondent to commercials, products, and marketing materials. While this is ongoing, an FMRI or a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine scans the brain. The machine reads the triggers of the emotions felt by the respondents. If the person becomes really interested in what he is seeing, the images in the FMRI turns a dark scarlet. This color is believed to represent the part in the brain that is interested in money matters. The color fades as the person loses interest. Such information allows marketers to pinpoint exactly where their marketing materials start to lose their audience’s attention.

While normally, marketers go to questionnaires or other forms of audience participation for gathering information, this marketing strategy allows access to the central nervous system, bypassing the conscious thought.

There are still doubts about the accuracy of this type of marketing research, it’s still questionable especially since some other parts of the brain serve as triggers for various types of emotions as well. Undeniably though, it is showing a great deal of success.

Skinulis included a list of examples in his article. These include stories about the research investment of various companies, from Frito Lays down to Coca Cola versus Pepsi. Some are already gaining benefits from their research venture. While Skinulis didn’t include any test results about internet marketing using neuro-marketing, this strategy has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of marketing strategists.

The possibilities are endless in the online world. You only need to know where you want to go and what you want to achieve. Establish the pillars of internet marketing and understand the way your audience makes their purchase decisions. When you do this, you have the best chance of succeeding in your internet marketing initiatives for your business.


Internet Service Provider – Tips on Saving Cash

internet-service-providersThere is a way for you to enjoy savings with your internet service Provider (ISP) every month. When you learn how to do this, you will realize that you have a little more room in your budget for your other necessities or perhaps even for extras. Better yet, you can set aside your savings so that you can have a fund to use for any specific purpose you choose at the end of the year or several years down the road.

The first thing you have to do if you want to save on your ISP is to find out if they have special offers or discounts on their service packages. Although some would offer their services at regular rates, they might offer you freebies on items that you would otherwise have to pay for. Examples of these freebies include Wi-Fi modems laptops, tablets, and other computing devices or accessories.

You can also find out how you can save on your monthly internet service by contacting your current provider. Inquire about any special loyalty offers for their present clients such as you. Be sure that your bills are properly settled and that you do not have any late payments. Your goal is to convince the service provider that you are one of their responsible clients who deserve some perks. Some will have discounts for customers with a certain minimum bill amounts, while some would offer a seasonal price reduction.

When you contact a new internet service provider, find out if they service your neighbourhood prior to talking about prices. There are service providers that do not service all places. Also ask the service representatives if they offer discounts and specials to new customers.

To get better deals, learn how to negotiate with the service providers. Check the prices of other providers so that you are armed with information when you negotiate for a better price. Be mindful of the duration within which the discount will be offered. Also look for deals on bundled services. Some internet service companies have telephone and cable services as well.

If you want a cheaper internet service provider bill every month, you can downgrade the speed of your internet connection. Many providers offer various speed tiers at different prices. If you are the type who does not watch plenty of videos or you do not use up too much bandwidth with internet video games, you will be able to save money if you downgrade to a lower tier.

Another way of getting cheaper ISP service is to acquire dial-up internet. If you are not online regularly, a high-speed internet may cost too much. Dial-up internet will be much better, especially if you are tightening your budget.

If you really want to spend less on your internet service, you can make arrangements to share wireless internet with your neighbour. This would, of course, require your residences to be within close proximity of one another. A payment agreement, albeit be informal, should be clear to both you and your neighbour.

Staying connected to the rest of the world is a necessity these days. Having to spend money for internet services is part of modern life, but you do not necessarily have to spend a fortune for these services. The tips above should help you get a little more value for your money.

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