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A Brand New Marketing Strategy… With Multiple Income Streams!

Simply brand this Viral Marketing Tool with your name and/or company. Then it’s ready to go when you add your affiliate ID’s & start giving it away free to web site visitors!

What is it?

Any Internet marketer who wants to earn an income online knows that viral marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to promote any business online.

Imagine having a new Viral brand marketing strategy being THE source for people to flock to when they want to find Super Entertainment, Super Bargains, Interactive Computer TV, Interactive Online Help and much more.

And the best part is… you will earn commissions when people buy from the many products offered by your very own branded copy of this viral marketing strategy!

Here’s how it works…

• You are an Internet Marketer or you have a small business
• You have a License to brand a marketing strategy with your
company name
• You advertise your web site that promotes your free viral brand
marketing strategy
• You give the viral brand marketing strategy away on your website
• You also hand out business cards/fliers promoting your free viral
media marketing tool
• Your contacts download the free version of the software
• To access more features they are encouraged to shop (using the
viral media marketing tool) and/or giving away the free media tool to
• All these people… tens… then hundreds… then thousands and so
• These people are then on your list of future contacts

Brand Marketing Strategy License Package:

• $195 License (One-time payment)
• $25 Monthly Subscription
• Marketing web site, including…
• Capture pages with marketing videos
• Tell-a-Friend Bonus Rewards Marketing System
• Add Your Own Affiliate Links!
• Super Entertainment System
• Super Bargain Finder and Bonus Shopping Rewards
• Limited access to the Multi Lingual Smart Library
• Can Personally Brand the Free marketing software

Brand Marketing Strategy Income Streams:

• Retail Shopping Commissions
• Direct Sale Commissions – $150 every second sale
• Team Bonuses

Free Version Includes:

• Super Entertainment System
1. On Demand TV Shows
2. On Demand Movies
3. Radio Stations
4. Video Games

• Super Bargain Finder
1. Online Bargain Shopping
2. Shopping Reward Bonuses

• Limited Access
1. Streaming Smart Library Videos
2. Interactive online Technical Helpers

• Tell-a-Friend Marketing System
1. Tell-a-Friend Bonus Rewards

If you decide to purchase a License You can sell this hot new marketing system from your own affiliate link and get paid every two sales… including team bonuses for infinity! Your viral brand marketing Strategy installs on all Personal Computers.

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Automate Internet Marketer Tasks With Macro Recorder Software

Lots of Internet Marketers haven’t considered the advantages of developing windows automation macros for their recurring marketing tasks. And this is mainly because they just can’t visualize how automation can be applied to their work-flows.

Each day they carry out hundreds or even thousands of repetitive actions on their Personal Computer (PC). They engage in such tasks as opening documents, extracting information, emailing prospects and numerous other boring routine duties.

What if you could automate your PC tasks? Good windows macro recording software will help you avoid the drudgery of engaging in such time consuming work, forever.

Here’s a simple example of the steps to take in your first Windows macro recorder automation project.

Initially you need to know what can be automated and what cannot.

If perhaps your automation project involves any creativity, where human involvement is required, you won’t be able to automate it. For example, if you need to identify an image of something to include in the automation process… or want to produce a unique graphic design.

On the other hand, if the process is well-defined, and you know in advance what the actions are, then 99% of the time, it can be automated. Presently there are several good windows macro recorder software applications you can choose from to automate most of your tasks on Windows operating systems.

The following are some functions a macro recorder should have to provide you maximum productivity and leverage…

1. It must give you the power to change your recordings into clear “scripts” that you can edit to fit changes into your work-flow.

2. A user-friendly visual instrument panel is important so that you may edit and add to your macro recordings – even if you don’t have any programming experience.

3. The macro recorder interface must provide you the ability to manipulate the performance of your recordings.

4. There should be an integrated set of pre-recorded macro scripts you can use and modify to work on your PC. This will provide you with scripts you can work with and edit so you won’t have to create entire automated processes from scratch.

5. An integrated debugger enabling you to identify any problems that might be present in your macro recordings.

The debugger has to let you enable and disable actions. As well as watch each action as it executes.

Now let’s get started with a sample automation exercise…

1. Take notes of your daily work routines.

2. Stop at the conclusion of every work category. And write each step down.

3. Repeat this for every work group category you want to automate.

4. Revisit what you have just written. And you’ll notice a pattern emerging. You will quickly recognize that quite a number of tasks that you perform on your PC are repeated. A certain number of the steps may change. But as long as the general process is the same, these tasks will qualify for automation.

5. Pick one of the job categories that you want to create for the first automation project, use a macro recorder to record the entire workflow process.

6. Play back the recorded tasks and check if there are any emissions. Tweak them appropriately and adjust for optimum performance. Remove any unnecessary steps which may prolong the process. Good windows macro recorder software will come with a GUI platform where you may quickly re-arrange and edit all the “recorded” actions.

7. The last step is to test-run and check if everything is working efficiently. Once that is done, you are done!

Well done! You’ve just produced your first automation macro recorder script. It’s not as hard as you thought, was it?

Working smarter instead of harder has never been easier.

Learn a lot more about enhancing your automation effectiveness with windows macro recording software, click below to find out more Now…