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Here’s a 1 Click Mediabar You don’t Want to Miss…

Automatic Geek is about to launch a new way to use your computer for business and pleasure. They call it the 1 Click Mediabar and it’s going to simplify computing for everyone that uses it!

No other company has a system that combines virtually everything we do on PCs under a 1 click icon driven application. The 1 Click Mediabar provides access to:

• Bargain shopping
• Interactive TV
• Movies
• Video games
• Radio stations
• Multi lingual videos and document libraries
• And more…

Automatic Geek incentivizes people to shop (earning commissions for members) by allowing users to earn special Entertainment and Smart Library Credits that unlock special features of the 1-Click Media Application.

Business branded version offers:

• Viral marketing system (giving away 1 Click Mediabar)
• Affiliate commissions
• Social networking
• Generates income on multiple-levels
• Marketing videos & capture pages
• And more…

You’re probably getting an idea of the income potential of a business model that gives away a PC application that virtually everyone wants. There are approximately 1.7 billion PC users on the Internet at any one time. Can you imagine the number of people that will be interested in downloading this free application? Many to be sure!

An exclusive bargain finder function was also included to add more streams of income for members… and increase the viral effect of the 1 Click Mediabar. It’s a 100% exclusive system built from scratch. No other application like it exists in the world.

Automatic Geek originally launched in September, 2009 offering free PC tune-ups and paid PC technical support services to small business and personal computer users. They offer these services via a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) model that has attracted many professional network marketers that signed-up in the program.

Technical Support Services consist of Online Support for your PC from Automatic Geek technicians 24/7, including:

• PC Performance Tune-up
• Virus & Spyware Removal
• Windows 7 Advanced Training
• Network / Troubleshooting
• Vista Advanced/Basic Training
• Printer Help
• Software Install and Setup
• And Support for Virtually Any PC problem

Automatic Geek has designed their business from the ground up to have a global reputation for the highest standards of excellence, quality and reliability in all of our products and services, and for decency, respect, honesty and fairness in dealing with their retail customers, and Independent Representatives.

The new 1 Click Mediarbar will launch sometime this month and is expected to take the PC world by storm.