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Closing Remarks for Twitter Marketing Lessons

Wow, we have come to the fifth and final Twitter Marketing lesson. I hope you have been practicing all of your new Twitter skills.

By now you should have a basic plan and schedule for your Twitter marketing campaign. Have you tacked your checklist from our last lesson somewhere close to your computer yet?

In this last lesson we are going to talk about some of the common mistakes that Twitter users make, so you can avoid making them.

Over the last few days we’ve talked about what an exciting and extremely profitable social network site Twitter is. The fact is millions of people are using it to connect with others all over the world, but as an Internet marketer there are some common mistakes that you will want to avoid making even before you start sending tweets.

Mistake number one:

The picture as your avatar in your profile is not yours.

I’m sure you’ve seen it. Some users don’t post their real picture. They use cartoon pictures, company logos, or their pet’s pictures. Although the pictures are quite cute and may grab some attention, most Twitter users will appreciate seeing a real picture of you, especially if you are trying to connect on a business level.

When you post your own picture it lets others know that you are real and that you’re confident enough with what you do to let others see you. You want people to recognize you as a leader in your market and having a face to go with a name always helps.

Depending on your niche you will want to choose a photo that represents business. For instance if you have a children’s online book store you will want to choose a picture that shows your fun side. On the other have if you are selling product to professionals you will want a photo that looks conservative and business like. A nice smile never hurts either.

Mistake number two:

Automatically sending the wrong type Tweets through a Tweet Generator.

In lesson two we talk about using Tweets schedulers that automatically sends messages to people who follow you. What we didn’t talk about was sending the wrong type of message with this tool and how it can lose your followers.

Direct messages can be seen as impersonal and pushy when they aren’t written properly. If you decide to use a tool that automatically send messages to your new followers keep it simple and friendly. A message saying ‘thanks for following me’ is fine, but sending automated messages promoting your business or product is not a good idea and most instances people will click the un-follow button right away.

Mistake number three:

Trying to build a huge following before you’ve done some tweeting.

People will not be interested in following you when they click on your Twitter page to see what you’ve got, and notice you don’t have much. You need to have tweeted more than, “Trying to figure this Twitter out” and “I think I’ve got it figured out now.”

If you don’t know what to say, try “re-tweeting” (RT) some other peoples’ tweets that are related to your niche. Read what other people are tweeting about and reply to them, this will help start up a conversation. Talk about market related news, what you’re doing on your business right now. That will give you several tweets to get the ball rolling.

Mistake number four:

Tweeting too many promotions.

Yes, you are using Twitter to promote your business, but posting one offer after another will only cause people to ‘un-follow’ you. When people look at your timeline and notice that you aren’t posting anything of value to them they will quickly move on.

There are millions of Twitters to follow, why should they follow you when you’re only tweeting about promotions? Remember this basic rule of sales “people want to know what’s in it for me”! Twitter is a social network and you have to keep that in mind before you post a tweet.

When you are using Twitter for your Internet Marketing business you must learn how to communicate and build good relationships with your followers before you start sending them promotions.

Even if you already have a good list of leads, it is still not a good idea to barrage them with promotions. As we have talked about before, promotional tweets should be sent only in limited numbers.

These are just a few of the more common mistakes committed by new and old tweeters alike. Take note of them and don’t make the same mistakes.

Before I close this final lesson I want to share a few things with you that we didn’t have a chance to go over in the last few lessons.

The first thing is using the Twitter search feature. It is a very effective tool that allows you to check on yourself and your business. You will be surprised to find out how much chatter takes place on Twitter.

By using the search tool you can quickly find out what others are saying about you and your business and learn from them. If you find out any criticisms, think about them carefully. You can also make some adjustments to your business if there is a need to do so to ensure increased profitability.

The next thing is your Twitter background. The background behind your Twitter page tells a lot about your personality. If you plan to use Twitter for Internet marketing you will want to make the background look more professional. You can do this by using the basic customization tools that Twitter supplies to make some simple changes to the color scheme of your page.

For even more impact you may want to consider a custom designed background. There are many editing programs that you can use to create your own graphics if you want to and if you do a quick search you will also find a variety of pre-made Twitter background available. If you really want to go all out you can hire a designer to create one for you.

Capitalizing on Twitter’s popularity can be very rewarding and profitable for your IM business, but only if you know what you’re doing. While I tried to cover the basics during this short series of lessons there is always more to learn and you will want to continue your education moving forward… and as Twitter changes I’m sure you’ll want to keep up-to-date.

Just remember the basic rules, keep your checklist handy and you will be sure to see results from your efforts.

Good luck with your twitter marketing campaigns…

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Increase Your Twitter Traffic

Twitter4Traffic I hope that you’re learning a lot from these series of Twitter Marketing Lessons. Today we are going to discuss ways to increase your Twitter traffic.

Since you are a Online marketer your primary marketing goal needs to be to dominate social networks and what better means to access the world-wide market than with Twitter. Simply by attracting followers and making new friends you can quickly build a list of precious leads.

Are you aware that Twitter is considered to be just about the most efficient and remarkable ways to boost traffic?

Many people use Twitter merely to send tweets to one another and keep in contact with friends and family, however, as an Internet marketer you should use it to generate a serious amount of traffic to your business sites if you know how.

Simply imagine, with a greater amount of visitors to your site, you can obtain more subscribers, leads and convert them into spending customers which all results in greater earnings.

As we discussed in lesson one, you should spread the news that you’re on Twitter. You will want to include your Twitter URL in your e-mail messages, blog posts and on your websites. That way, people will know that you’re using Twitter.

Believe it or not, frequent tweets can help you drive more traffic to your web site. Twitter users like people who post twitter posts regularly. If you want to obtain active followers through your tweets you will want to create a schedule for posting and do your best to stay with it.

You will also need to ensure that you reply to the tweets addressed to you. I don’t recommend that you stay on the site all day or spend extended hours tweeting away your time. Just pick a decent time once or twice a day and login.

If you have a mobile device you can sync it up with your Twitter account and you won’t have to worry about being away from your pc.

Don’t worry if your followers do not turn out to be active right away. It may take a while, but they’ll begin to detect the times that you are more active and after some time they will join in your conversations, which is one of your main goals.

Keep in mind the fundamental rule we discussed in lesson three “keep ninety percent of your tweets filled with useful content and limit your promotional ones” this way you may keep the followers that actually matter.

While some personal tweets are necessary if you want to help your followers get to know you, it would be best to avoid sending out a lot of personal or unrelated tweets because it can actually cause you to lose followers.

Of course there are not too many of your business contacts that will want to hear that you took a shower or exactly what you had for breakfast, so keep your tweets focused!

By taking some time to create good relationships with your followers, you’ll be setting the ground work for converting them into lifetime customers for your products or services.

Establishing a good relationship with your followers is critical in order to take advantage of the massive flow of traffic that pours through Twitter every day.

Here’s a small checklist that you can keep handy:

– Let everyone know that you are on Twitter.

– Send tweets regularly.

– Retweet good content.

– Respond to the tweets addressed to you.

– Pay attention to the kind of twitter posts you’re sending.

– Make the tweets personal, but not too personal.

– Most of all, build good relationships.

Using Twitter is fun and easy, this is why it’s such a large draw. I will be truthful, not everybody that uses Twitter as a marketing tool is going to be successful since it requires time, effort, and persistence to see successful results. But if you follow these steps frequently you should see an increase of activity and conversion.

That’s it for today’s lesson. Can you believe it? You’re only one lesson away from being a Twitter marketing master, so be sure to look for the following and final lesson shortly.

We will be discussing some of the common mistakes that Twitter users make, so you can avoid making them too!

I would really like to hear from you! Please let me know what you think…