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Inspirational Discoveries for Living lll

[caption id="attachment_79" align="alignleft" width="292" caption="Your Key to Success"]Your Key to Success[/caption] There is a way you can know whenever you reach one of those points of decision, and how to make the right choice. If you were able to get in a plane and fly over the road of your life, or if you had once climbed a mountain and looked out over the road, you’d know which way to go, You’d know which road leads you on towards your goal and which one doesn’t.

There’s no way to plan your life that will take into account every twist and turn you’ll find on your road. There’s no way to fly high enough or climb high enough so you’ll be able to see all that lies ahead of you, or to see what’s hidden behind a hill. But when you add the dimension of height to your life, when you learn to fly high in your imagination and pick out a goal, you’ll be able to avoid some mistakes you might otherwise make, and you’ll see, clearly, how to begin to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Adding Inspiration to your life will enable you to discover how to live more fully and with purpose, that’s what Inspirational Discoveries is all about. It’s what motivated me to share these discoveries, and it’s the heart of what you’ll learn. When you discover where you want to go and how to get there, you’ll stop letting things happen to you and start making things happen for you. That’s what makes the difference in the lives of the five men who are successful, and that’s what’s missing in the lives of the ninety five who aren’t.

Now, before you turn off the television set in your mind, take look at what your life will be like in the future. What kind of road are you on now? Is it narrow, rocky, full of ups and downs you can’t avoid? Do you know where to find happiness as you go along that road? Or is your life like the little white dot, just bumping along from day to day, without a goal, without any width or breadth or height at all? Take a moment to think about it, right now, and see it on that television screen in your mind, with you sitting back comfortably in your favorite chair watching.

In the developments you’ll make with Inspirational Discoveries, you’ll learn how to change that picture of your life on that television screen, and you’ll see many other scenes on it. When you watch a real television screen in your mind, you’ll decide what you want to see, and you’ll decide what you want to see and you’ll make it appear. You’ll be in the control room of the TV station, deciding what will appear on the screen, not just watching passively what others think you want to see.

Now it’s time to turn off the television and start doing something, instead of just sitting there watching.

You’ve already been changing your life and taking charge of it, by reading this information. Some dissatisfaction must have been at work in you that led you here to make this decision. Do you know what the dissatisfaction is? Are you not satisfied with the job you have, or the amount of money you’re making? Or are you not satisfied with the feeling that life is somehow passing you by? Chances are one of these reasons fits you, because most of us aren’t satisfied with our lives, and one of those reasons is the basic cause. But think now, for a moment about the kind of success you’d really like to have. If you were to wake up successful tomorrow morning, what would be different in your life?

Think carefully before you answer this question. What does success really mean to you? I say think carefully because there’s an old proverb, known in many cultures and told in many languages, that says, simply, be careful for what you ask for because you just may get it!

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Inspirational Discoveries for Living ll

[caption id="attachment_71" align="alignleft" width="253" caption="Reach for the Sky"]Reach for the Sky[/caption] Insurance company surveys have shown that about ninety five people out of every hundred have nothing worthwhile to look forward to in life. It’s a fact; ninety five percent of us can only look forward to financial failure. The actual figures work out like this. Take one hundred young men of twenty five, with their whole adult lives ahead of them. Where will they be in approximately forty years, when they reach retirement age at about sixty five? According to survey results, the facts are bleak, one of these hundred men will be rich; four will be financially secure. Five will still be working, because they have to; thirty six will be dead, and fifty four of them will be broke.

As you watch that little white dot crawling along, dragging the line that represents all its yesterdays along behind it, think of the waste, think of the unlived lives that those ninety five lives represent. Five men out of the hundred will have financial security, without which it’s difficult to have happiness; the other ninety five will have failed.

But now let’s stop the little dot and move it back to where it started. You’re in control of the television set and all you have to do is make up your mind and the dot will go where you want it to. Now, before the dot starts moving again, let’s consider what made the lives of the five men who are successful different. More importantly, let’s consider what you can do to change your life, now, so that you’ll be one of those five successes, instead of one of the ninety five failures.

First, let’s give your life a broad road to travel on. Imagine a broad, paved road stretching from that little white dot off into the distance. Along the road, let’s add the riches of joy and accomplishment that you’ll have along the way; instead of a bleak blank screen that was all the white dot had in front of it. Let’s fill in the screen with color and movement and music, and you’re off on a wide way that stretches far into a future rich with promise. Now the road that can be your life fills the screen, and there’s room on it for you to choose your direction, choose your satisfactions, choose your enjoyments, choose your successes in life.

This road you’re looking at is wide enough so you can move to one side to avoid a bump, to another side to miss a hole in the pavement; now you’re a lot better off than those whose lives are pictured by the little white dot, that had no road at all to travel on, but just kept getting bumped, blindly, into the future. But although you’re better off, you still haven’t got it made. What happens when you come to a fork in the road? How do you decide which road to take when you come to a crossroad? It would help if you had a road map, so you could see that if you take the fork on the left it leads only to a dead-end. And you’ll have to turn around and come back to where you are now; while the road on the right leads on toward where you want to go.

Yes, a road map would be a help. The only trouble is nobody can draw a road map for your life; nobody can make your decisions for you. And when you reach a fork in the road, or a crossroad, or a turning point of whatever kind you have to make the decisions about where you want to go. And if all you know is what you’ve learned from the road so far, it may not be much help in deciding which is the right choice.

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